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Mi Band 1.7.112 Mod

xiaomi, bluetoth

  1. MASVA

    Xiaomi Mi Band.
    Ultra jednostavan i dizajnom simpatičan gadget na zapešću vaše ruke mudro šuti i prikuplja podatke o vašim kretnjama i ciklusima sna te ih šalje uparenom pametnom telefonu koji ih kroz Mi Band aplikaciju prerađuje u potrošene kalorije odnosno za vas mirne i nemirne noći.
    U prilogu verzija 1.7.112

    Mi Band Tools

    - Application notifications (configurable per application as well as globally).

    - Incoming call notifications (configurable per contact as well as globally).

    - Fully customizable notification patterns (including multi-color notifications, custom vibration patterns).

    - Notification content filters (only interested in SMS notifications for certain people? not a problem for Mi Band Tools).

    - Power Nap feature (need a short nap? Just activate this and Mi Band will wake you up by vibrations when you're done resting).

    - Configurable notifications times and conditions (globally and per notification).

    - Advanced settings (disable non-interactive notifications, shake to dismiss power nap, disable in silence mode, disable while screen is on, ...).

    - Designed completely according to Google's Material Design guidelines and best practices in mind.
    - Tasker support (advanced and fully customizable action plugin).

    - Many of 'those little things', for example, application automatically detects the dominant color of an application icon / contact picture and preselects it for you.

    - Works on all Android versions from 4.3 to 5.1+

    - Many and many more yet to come!