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MIUI 8 ROM 7.6.29 Full Changelog /Dnevnik Izmjena

Discussion in 'MIUI CHANGELOG / DNEVNIK IZMENA' started by MASVA, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. MASVA

    MASVA MIUI Croatian Translator ADRIA ADMIN


    Xiaomi uređaji:

    • Instalirajte TWRP zip kroz Fastboot mode, zatim instalirajte naš ROM

    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    fastboot boot twrp.img
    ROM-ovi za uređaje sa zaključanim bootloaderom:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    fastboot boot twrp.img

    Kako instalirati ROM sa Android 6.0 na Android 7.0:
    - Instalirati ZADNJI Android 6.0 za MI5 6.11.10
    - Instalirati TWRP ili ZCX
    - Reboot u novi TWRP
    - Instalirati Android 7.0 ROM
    - Reboot - Nikada ne raditi wipe/system particije ručno!
    - Gotovo
    - U slučaju nekih problema, napravite vraćanje na tvorničke postavke kroz Postavke
    - Za ROOT Android 7.0 instalrati SuperSU 2.79 kroz TWRP
    - Za ažurirati 7.0 na 7.0 reboot u TWRP pa otamo napraviti instalaciju (Updater aplikacija još ne radi)

    For Redmi NoteW installation, follow this guide for repartition your internal storage...
    otherwise you will get bootloop and cry to your pillow..!

    For Xiaomi MiPAD 1 is required to merge both system partitions by this guide

    Neke stavke o OTA odgodi:

    • OTA packages are always same as posted here, so FULL ROM (400-1000MB)
    • Installation via OTA is same as you do, so Updater - Menu - Select installation zip
    • OTA is uploading into Xiaomi china servers which are very slow for download and upload (usually 30-40kb/s for uploading over 10GB) so I have to upload them always at night one by one and I dont have time for doing that every week for 30 devices... Unfortunately OTA account is binded to my Xiaomi account so nobody else can do that instead of me...
    • So we decided to STOP OTA support at all.. you have to download ROM manually and install via Updater - menu (...) - Select installation package - reboot (You will not loose your data)

    Značajke našeg ROM-a (Što nije u Global):

    • Blurred statusbar and notification shade (MIUI 7)
    • Enabled search in statusbar
    • Enabled search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop
    • Enabled MiDrive in File Explorer
    • Added landscape mode for SMS app
    • Sunrise/Sunset in the weather app
    • Google apps support integrated
    • Importing theme from zhuti.xiaomi.com via ThemeManager
    • No useless Chinese bloatware apps
    • More free RAM due to less background processes
    • Unified flat style app icons for both system and 3rd party apps (eg. Play Store icon flat too, unlike official global MIUI)
    • Advanced menu with color icons (not just text like in official MIUI releases)
    • No any Chinese character under the full system
    • Mi Video, Mi Music, Mi Radio, Mi Browser: No any useless Chinese content
    • No possibility to re-lock bootloader accidentally with flash any xiaomi.eu release
    • Added real 26 languages translation made by Official MIUI Fansites and MIUI Fans
    • Added Phone swipe to the right gesture on the lockscreen
    • Added EU T9 dialer support
    • Added charging sound switch
    • Added Spell Checker switch
    • Game speed boost mode
    • Added Screen-OFF animation
    • Optimized GPS settings for EU
    • Optimized Battery consumption
    • Optimized RAM consumption
    • Added Game Speed Boost
    • Added OIS calibration for MI5
    • Deodexed
    • And more, and more made by our 5 years MIUI mods experience

    How to upgrade from Android 5.1 to Android 7.0 MI4C, Mi4S, MINote PRO:
    Install MIUI 6.12.22 before updating to Android 7.0..
    Select zip in Updater - menu - select zip
    Unlock your bootloader again on Mi4C, Mi4S, MiNotePRO
    (check your bootloader status by command "fastboot oem device-info")
    Install TWRP for 7.0 via fastboot "fastboot flash recovery twrp.img" "fastboot boot twrp.img"
    In case of issues, wipe /data in TWRP
    For ROOT use latest SuperSU

    MIUI 8 China Developer ROM 7.6.29 Full Changelog

    • Fix - Apps stopped working in the background (06-24)


    • New - Improved layout and readability for search results in Contacts (06-29)
    Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
    • Optimization - Lock screen lights up faster now (06-27)
    • Fix - The search bar in the Notification shade wasn't displayed correctly (06-27)

    Home screen

    • Optimization - Home screen loads faster now (06-27)


    • New - Virus scans and payment scans were merged into Security scan (06-29)
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  2. Grimm

    Grimm Member

    ostali uredjaji koji nisu na novom androidu vise nemaju update?
  3. warhead

    warhead Member

    Klikni na download, pa ćeš vidjeti sve modele mobitela za koje je dostupan ROM. :)

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  4. burkezg

    burkezg Gold Members Member

    Jel pali ovo za Xiaomi MI3?
    Ja sam ostao na:
    Android version 6.0.1 MMB29M
    MIUI 8, 6.7.7. Beta

    Ako da, treba li TWRP kroz fastboot instalirat ili mogu kroz već postojeći TWRP kojeg sam morao i ona imati za flashanje?

    Kako saznati jeli mi zaključan ili otključan bootloader?

  5. MASVA

    MASVA MIUI Croatian Translator ADRIA ADMIN

    Ako imaš twrp, skini official twrp i njome flešaj noviju verziju
    Možeš i kroz sam twrp flešati .img ali trebaš preuzeti file na mob

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  6. burkezg

    burkezg Gold Members Member

    Znači u biti samo skinem na mob zadnji ovaj update i flasham kroz twrp koji imam?

    Na popisu ne vidim za MI3. Znači da tražim po datumima koji je zadnji za MI3 i to je to?
  7. MASVA

    MASVA MIUI Croatian Translator ADRIA ADMIN

    Za dosta uređaja je suspendiran update, ne znam koji je zadnji za mi3/4
    Čeka se MIUI 9, druga polovica 8-og mjeseca navodno, najava naravno

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